Jon Bevan


Software Engineer

Primarily back-end Java and front-end Javascript developer. Currently working at Adaptavist.

Atlassian plugin developer

Was primarily PHP and Javascript developer for 3.5 years at Edge of the Web.

Dabbled in C, C#, C++, Perl, Puppet, Ruby & Bash on various private and open source projects.

Worked with Twitter API, Heart Internet API, Mailchimp API, Paypal APIs, Companies House XML Gateway

Fluent in procedural and object oriented PHP

Proficient in jQuery and native Javascript

Created a web-based Javascript version of Tetris

Have used memcached, PHP-FPM and PHP-APC

Oversaw 16 year old programming intern for several weeks

Integrated Paypal and Sagepay into online shops

Experience with Apache and nginx

Built a better status page for Heart Internet

Custom map integrations using Google Maps API

Authored a few nagios plugins, primarily in bash

Built a timelapse screen grabber using ffmpeg and C#

Wrote a simple web scraper and a simple web login script using Perl

Developed a global DNS propagation tracking system in Node.js

Used SVN on work projects and Git on personal projects

System Administrator

Managing 7+ web servers since 2010. Monitored using Nagios and NewRelic.

Familiar with Puppet

Comfortable working completely from the CLI in bash or zsh

Comfortable building and tweaking applications from source

Have installed, configured, broken, fixed and migrated a few Postfix/Qmail mail servers

Used strace to debug a Apache/PHP application bug

Familiar using Centos 5 and Ubuntu 10-12 servers

Setup multi-server test systems using Vagrant and Puppet

Comfortable configuring iptables

Database Administrator

Performance tuning, indexing strategies and query optimization & debugging in MySQL.

I keep an interest in Postgres.

Built fulltext search solution using MyISAM FULLTEXT capabilities

Setup and monitored master-slave replication.

Currently (July 2013) reading High Performance MySQL 2nd Edition

Attending Percona Live Conference (London 2013)